Clipping/news search services

Select Info will continue the news information clipping service the same way it is being handled currently. One of the growth areas of this service is news research where the clipping will no longer cover printed media only but will be expanded to audio visual and internet based sources of information such as TV, radio stations web sites and others. A product development team (not yet established) will be in charge in defining the details of that business including search processes, dissemination, pricing, and distribution.


Networking Equipment Sales and Support

Part of the business expansion that Select-Info started is Network support including the sales of all type of networking products such as switches, routers, and other related services including unified communication. This sector is now a highly dynamic area of technology change especially with the IP convergence that is consolidating all communication venues into one unified communication network. This is supported by the continuously growing level maturity of the communication infrastructure in Lebanon and the region which is growing from both the wired and wireless sides. More products and broader communication services will be added as the infrastructure matures further.


Data Center Management Products & Services

Data Center management is becoming critical to any IT operation as the requirements for IT availability and reliability are increasingly becoming closer to 99.999%. Select-Info is teaming with leading Data Center management tool providers to cover this growing need. Select-Info staff expertise in this field will complement the tools sales with pre sales consultancy and post-sales support. Capitalizing on new technology offerings such as Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and other Cloud computing offering, Select-Info can identify and tailor the right solution for each organization taking in consideration security of information and technology risks, Governance and Compliance (GRC).


Overall IT Architecture consultancy

Businesses today are becoming more complex and at the same time highly technology reliant. Defining the right Enterprise Architecture (EA), the right Information and technology Architecture, is critical to companies to maintain their competitiveness and to continue to exist in the market. Select-Info EA certified staff can help identify and build the proper ICT architecture to help align IT resources to business strategies, goals and directions of your organization. A well-defined IT Architecture helps companies improve efficiency and increase agility hence being able to respond to changes and new requirements without impacting on overall performance.